Bitcoin Retirement

Note from the Publisher:  Cryto-currencies.  Cryptic-currencies.  Yikes!  How can any respectable wealth manager or investment advisor suggest to their clients that they include this (or any other) digital currency in their retirement portfolio?  The following article suggests that bitcoin should be part of a long term diversification strategy. 

“…………(a) solution has to be found, albeit it is doubtful traditional solutions will offer any improvement. Better formulas about retirement spending and saving based on the economic outlook is an option worth exploring. For those who are thinking long-term saving and spending, Bitcoin may represent the best retirement fund option.

Even when someone has little to no experience with Bitcoin, it shouldn’t be hard to explain to them what the benefits are from a retirement fund perspective. Bitcoin is scarce and globally accepted. People can buy it from ATMs and exchanges around the world. Plus, Bitcoin can appreciate in value, and see spectacular gains over time. No one is saying people should put all of their savings in Bitcoin either. But a little bit of diversification can go a very long way.”

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