RIAs Can Now Run Their Own Virtual Fund of Funds

Israeli-based SharingAlpha, a user generated model portfolios and fund ratings platform, has recently announced the launch of a new feature which enables wealth managers to run their own virtual Fund of Funds.

SharingAlpha rates funds based on the average rating provided by Fund Selectors worldwide using “the wisdom of crowds” according to its website.  Use of the website is free and provides coverage of over 96,000 funds in 73 different countries wordwide.

According to CEO Oren Kaplan, “(O)ur vision is to offer the investment community a better way to select winning funds and at the same time to offer Fund Selectors and Investment Advisors the option of building their own proven long term track record. Its about time that funds are rated on the basis of parameters that have been proven to work and Fund Selectors and Investment Advisors will be judged according to their ability to add value to investors“.

You can sign up for their service at www.sharingalpha.com.