Robo Market Research

Big Market Research aggregates and sells market research covering TONS of market categories, including premature ejaculation treatments (yup), energy-efficient buildings, liquid detergent chemicals, submarine payload and launch systems and oganic skincare products, AMONGST OTHERS.  That’s quite a diverse knowledge base, yes? 

Be that as it may, they now have a new report available for the wealth management category – “Robo Advice: Revolution or Evolution?”. 

Amongst their findings…..” (T)he current market for robo advice is dominated by the USA, with an estimated $1.2 trillion under management. The USA’s favourable regulatory environment, high propensity to save in equities and the size of its retirement savings market all mean that the USA is the most promising market for robo advice. India and China present long term opportunities but continue to be tied to traditional property, gold and money market fund investments. In Europe the UK looks set for growth, with major pension funds available for investment and a positive environment for fintech.”

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