WiseBanyan Next Unicorn?

Note from the Publisher:  We really like companies that have personality and go the extra mile to market themselves while still feeling real.  For a robo, which by nature is a faceless digital entity, that’s not an easy task, but one company that we feel succeeds at this admirably is WiseBanyan.  Co-founder Vicki Zhou periodically pushes out emails (presumably to her Linkedin contacts, etc) that promote WiseBanyan in a really upbeat way.  The emails are fun (the most recent one features a video of a Russian blue kitten with a wad of cash slapping away a human hand) and at the same time, they promote their recent press AND go for the close.  She is also responsive to direct emails back.  We think this marketing approach is a winner, and one that other fintechs – and those in the financial community at large – should aspire to.  Below is a recent email received by the firm.

Is WiseBanyan the next unicorn?

That’s what Forbes has been wondering, anyway. Check out the full article – one of many during this exciting time! 
Hi Cindy,

We’ve been busy here at WiseBanyan:

    • Winning: Two months ago, WiseBanyan launched goal-based financial planning. Our clients love it, and we’re seeing people setting goals like retirement, vacations, the kids, retirement – you name it.
    • Young financial OGs are even saving for rainy day funds, Teslas, and their own VC funds!
    • Retirement is one of our most popular milestones. Clients are already saving and investing towards $3 billion in retirement goals! (Cool new milestones coming soon.)
    • Easier than ever: You can now start investing with as little as $1 (goodbye $10 starting deposit), making it easier than ever to invest earlier than ever. Microinvesting, big time investing, you can do it all on WiseBanyan. Starting earlier means keeping more of your $$$ working for you. Hands off, fees!
  • Hey Android users: Grab our app on Google Play. Fun fact: it’s the most highly rated in the FinTech category!
  • Big news: Last month, WiseBanyan was selected out of 300+ leading fintech firms as a CFSI and JPMorgan Chase FinLab winner!

Hiring: Know an engineer excited to revolutionize the way people think about money? WiseBanyan is hiring.

If you’re reading this, huge thank you for your continued support along this journey! Give me a shout if you ever find yourself in NYC or Las Vegas. If you’re interested in WiseBanyan and don’t have an account yet, you can sign up for WiseBanyan today (even with just $1).

– Vicki

Vicki Zhou
Co-Founder & Co-CEO

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