Hey Robot! You Can Cut Me With a Knife, But Don’t Touch My Money!


Should you laugh or just shake your head in disbelief? How about both? Seems a research study by HSBC found that people would rather have a “robot doctor” do open heart surgery on them than have a “robot banker” provide financial advice. WHAT!  HSBC also found that people think technology makes their lives easier, BUT they don’t trust it. WHAT! This is a GREAT read. Oh, maybe you should consider a “robot lawyer”, ya know, in case that heart thing goes wrong.

(Bill Taylor/CEO)

“New research from HSBC has found that people would rather put their faith in a robot to perform open-heart surgery than trust one to open a savings account or provide mortgage advice.

The HSBC study, surveying more than 12,000 consumers in 11 countries, indicates that a rising tide of technophobia is stalling mainstream adoption of new technology-based services. The bank says a lack of understanding and trust in technology is leading millions of consumers to shun new advances in banking services, such as fingerprint recognition, voice recognition and robo-advice.

While four in every five people (80%) believe that technology makes their lives easier, less than half (46%) trust fingerprint recognition to replace their password, despite it being recognised to be at least five times more secure and significantly more convenient than traditional passwords.

The report – which majors on a lack of trust in consumers attitudes to new technology – comes at an awkward time for HSBC, landing just a week after the bank’s voice recognition software was successfully bypassed by a BBC reporter and his non-identical twin brother.

Reflecting a deep-rooted ambivalence about the benefits of new technology among consumers, the study further found that people are twice as likely to trust a humanoid robot for heart surgery (14%) as they are to trust one to open a savings account (7%) and only 11% would rely on any type of robot, including chatbots, to open a savings account or provide mortgage advice..”

Source: Finextra