Robot Lives Matter Too!

Note from the Publisher:  Our crack editorial team is once again at it, and has unearthed the following (wholly fictional) and slightly twisted tale about a new robot movement underway, headed by celebrity spokesmachine R2D2.  As always, laughter is the best medicine. 

Robots throughout the world were deeply saddened (along with everyone else) with the tragedy in Dallas last week.  But what was greatly overlooked, and caused robots everywhere to gasp in fear, was the killing of one of their own by the police.  For the first time EVER a robot was used for an “offensive” mission sending an innocent life loving robot into a room, strapped with a bomb, to “neutralize” (police talk for ‘kill’) the bad guy.  It worked but now robots everywhere are beginning to distrust the police.

Robot spokesmachine R2D2 wants all to know ROBOT LIVES MATTER TOO.  R2 commented that the robot community doesn’t mind helping out with unattended packages, going into harm’s way to look around corners (that’s kind of fun, he said) and all that, but suicide missions??  What next?  Do they push off buildings to see if we bounce?  We don’t.  So, the robot community is going to come together to protest this heathen twist to the innocent robots which are now in new danger from our trusted friends.