Robots: Future Friend or Foe?

Note from the CEO:  A perfect article just before Halloween. Robots hiding in the bushes and alleys just waiting for the scary election to……JUMP OUT and take your jobs. Well, not ALL jobs. At least not the ones making the robots or working out in Silicon Valley. But, election or not, if you live in West Virginia and don’t “get tech” I’d watch those bushes and alleys. They are coming.

“Imagine robots performing surgery or directing navy fleets, delivering food to the world’s poor or harvesting energy in space, James Canton told hundreds of entrepreneurs in San Jose one recent morning.

As a vision of the future, it was far removed from Donald Trump’s depiction of America as the rusting shell of a once-great economy. It was hard to see much common ground with Hillary Clinton’s baby-steps reformism, either.

But Canton argued that his scenarios could come to pass, in an ‘autonomous economy’ run by intelligent machines. ‘There’s been all this almost ridiculous talk of, robots are going to steal our jobs, they’re going to end us,’ the futurist author told the annual RoboBusiness conference. ‘How about, liberate us?’ Or help us colonize Mars.

Silicon Valley often seems to inhabit another planet already—especially compared with a political world founded on 200-year-old documents, where nothing beats a folksy speech at a factory. Rarely has the gulf loomed as wide as in 2016, though.”

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