Russian Entrepreneur Creating Bitcoin Vodka

bitcoin vodka

OMG! My fondest dream has come true. Soon, VERY SOON, drinking cryptocurrencies will be a reality. Or, kind of anyway. A Russian entrepreneur is going to brand BITCOIN VODKA, ETHEREUM VODKA and ETHEREUM CLASSIC VODKA. I assume you will even be able to pay for the vodka with the cryptos, too. WOW! A Bitcoin shot and Ethereums for the house on me, barkeep. Dreams really do come true.
(Bill Taylor/CEO)

Russia is hosting a different kind of battle between crypto and fiat currency, with consumers soon to face Bitcoin and Ethereum vodka.

As local news outlet reports, an entrepreneur from the city of Ekaterinburg has delivered three patent applications for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic to become the brand names of the country’s famous spirit.

“Consumers can make positive associations with the names of cryptocurrencies in relation to certain products,” Dmitry Aydakhov told the publication.

Despite an incoming government clampdown on free access to cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum in particular are rapidly making inroads into mainstream public consciousness.

Cointelegraph previously reported on Burger King Russia issuing its own domestic digital currency, while restaurant chain Dve Palochki last month launched an ICO-themed menu…”

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