S. Florida’s Fintech Accelerator

There’s another player in town in the world of Fintech Accelerators.  The South Florida Accelerator has brought on a new fintech sponsor, and continues to focus on fintech as one of its areas of growth.  As we’ve noted, fintech is THE hot sector right now, and local and regional entities all over the US (and in fact the world) are chasing after the business, to get new companies to set up shop in their region.  Fort Lauderdale, the headquarters of this accelerator, doesn’t sound too bad in the middle of winter, does it?! 
(Cindy Taylor/Publisher

The South Florida Accelerator (TSFA) has on-boarded one of the top FinTech consultancies and technology services companies in the world to advance the innovation ecosystem that is South Florida. The South Florida Accelerator, a regional start-up innovation accelerator / aggregator, today announced Synechron, one of the fastest growing digital, business consulting and technology service providers, as an investor and strategic partner of its business platform and the launch of the FinTech Innovation Lab and Accelerator at Synchron’s office in Sunrise.

“Synechron is an uncontested leader in the FinTech business consultancy and technology services vertical which we are ecstatic to have the opportunity to partner with” said Thomas Buchar Managing Director of The South Florida Accelerator and Board Member of Innovation Florida.  “The partnership will immediately generate 50 jobs to the South Florida community and ultimately contribute to the advancement of South Florida’s innovation corridor.”

“I am proud that Innovation Florida was able to bring most of South Florida’s thought leaders and top tech companies together and produce measurable results,” says Zia Bhutta, Co-Founder of Synechron.

“We are delighted for Synechron to become a technology leader in the South Florida Community and make an immediate commitment to job creation,” adds Jimmy Thomas, Senior Director at the Sunrise/South Florida Office of Synechron.

TSFA’s mission is to identify visionary entrepreneurs and facilitate ideation by providing a clear path to success through a global ecosystem of innovation resources. TSFA is quite passionate about accelerating the maturation of new technologies and the generation of jobs in Florida’s Innovation Ecosystem. In the strategic partnership with TSFA and Synechron it is expected that the initiative will create around 150 developer jobs within the South Florida community in the next two years.

Synechron is a high growth business consultancy and technology services provider with a robust five continent client portfolio. Their clients include the top five U.S. Banks in capital markets and the top three insurance carriers.The partnership was brokered in part by Innovation Florida’s Executive Director Maria Sachs. “The Synechron TSFA partnership will bring numerous opportunities to the region and create more jobs; especially for Florida’s new university grads” said Sachs.

“We are excited to support and continue the ongoing creation of new and exciting opportunities for technology and research companies for Florida, resulting in new industries and new capital being introduced,” comments Innovation Florida Co-Founder and Greenspoon Marder’s Co-Managing Director, Gerald Greenspoon.

Source: TSFA.co