Safehavens Bitcoin & Gold

Note from the CEO:  Preaching to the choir. We at FintekNews have been on record for quite some time stressing that bitcoin IS the new alternative to gold and the new safe haven for investors. To that end, we are covering the launch of the CME’s and Crypto Facilities new BRTI (bitcoin real time index) this week. The new safe haven has street cred now.

More and more people around the world are seeking a safe haven investment since it seems there is so much economic (and political) uncertainty. Gold has always filled that role but now digital currencies (bitcoin in particular) are moving into that role. A lot of work still needs to be done but that work is very VERY far along. Soon, if not already, a portion of all investor’s portfolios will (or should) include bitcoin.

“The relative stability of Bitcoin during periods of geopolitical uncertainties has allowed the digital currency to be considered by investors as a safe haven for the preservation of their wealth.

Two major events in 2016 that quickly come to mind when considering the geopolitical risks borne by holders of fiat currencies, stocks, commodities and other financial elements are Brexit and the US elections. The fallout from these events saw the nations’ currencies and stocks plummet within very short periods of time.

One of the most critical factors that investors consider is the safety of their investment. During periods of anticipated volatility, holders of local investments usually seek a safe haven for their wealth and value preservation.

Recent events have shown that, like gold, Bitcoin is gradually assuming the role of a run-to hideout for value preservation.”