SALT Lending Holdings, Inc. Launches a Foundation to Drive Global Impact Through Blockchain Education and Access

DENVER, May 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — SALT Lending, the Blockchain-Backed Loan™ provider, today announced the launch of the SALT Bridge Foundation 501(c)(3)1, a new non-profit initiative focused on empowering the almost two billion unbanked and underbanked people globally.

The Foundation’s mission rests on three pillars:

  • Igniting students’ potential through financial education;
  • Providing access and expertise to blockchain-based financial services; and
  • Amplifying the impact of other non-profit organizations through training and advising on blockchain use and cryptocurrency donation management.

In the service of this mission, the foundation will provide students with access to a blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused curriculum, as well as the opportunity to work with non-profit organizations to harness blockchain technology in communities worldwide. Executive Director, Dan Moore shares, “Blockchain allows us to truly implement the long-held vision of utilizing technology to improve the economic standing and the autonomy of everyone on this planet. I am honored to lead the Salt Bridge Foundation as we contribute a greater shared future.”

Launching its pilot program with Regis University’s College of Business and Economics, the SALT Bridge Foundation jointly offers courses on financial literacy and the use cases for cryptocurrency and blockchain-based financial systems, titled “Blockchain For Social Impact.” Topics covered include basic crypto-economic concepts and the potential for blockchain technology implementation for the social good. Upon registration the course immediately filled with a lengthy waitlist. Following completion of the course, scholarships allow students to travel to Africa to participate in a social impact program aimed at improving financial inclusion and participation.

As the Foundation grows, it will evaluate sending educational groups into other countries and regions, extending its mission of enabling financial freedom using blockchain. The SALT Bridge Foundation is also exploring ways that it can more effectively help other foundations and non-profits use, manage, and obtain maximal social benefit from cryptocurrency holdings.