Savvy Investors Can Review Thousands of Financial News Articles at a Glance with Powerful Sensei View Technology

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Oct. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Machine learning technology provider Expat Inc. today announced the launch of Sensei View to its Market Sensei ( platform, the industry’s first-of-its-kind technology that uses intelligent computer vision to quickly scan and analyze financial news articles and present the details dynamically.

 The Sensei View capability utilizes computer vision, which is a technology that can acquire, process, and understand digital images and transform them into usable information. This technology can accurately determine what companies are covered in the news article, and identify vital financial metrics and key points. Data within Sensei View is displayed in real time, as the solution offers current market values of the various financials contained in the news segment, such as stock prices or the value of market indices.

Machine learning capabilities of Sensei View allow it to develop more refined predictions based on the accuracy rates of various authors and news publishers. The system can effectively determine over time how accurate a given author is in predicting stock movement, which provides users with guidelines on which authors and publishers they should be following (or ignoring) for their stock portfolio research.

“After our recent launch of Market Sensei, we knew we had to continue on our path of constant improvement and innovation,” said Patrick Kwete, CEO of Expat. “Successful investors understand how market trends and company news relate directly to stock prices, and make intelligent trades based on that data. Sensei View is extraordinarily powerful because it will summarize thousands of news pieces across our user base of thousands of investors, so investors can see the most pertinent information at a glance. And our solution learns over time, and will be able to determine which authors and publishers make consistently accurate stock movement predictions.”

Sensei View will be utilized by investors within Market Sensei, Expat’s transparent stock market prediction platform driven by the company’s patented machine learning algorithms. It offers investors multiple insightful metrics including predicted low, high, opening, and closing price for thousands of stocks. This technology allows Expat to offer a stock price movement prediction that is displayed within Sensei View alongside the predictions offered in any given article about that same stock.

Augmented reality overlays in Sensei View appear in the form of the shapes, text, and visual content that is drawn over the camera feed, which serve to highlight the key points in the article. This function allows busy investors to digest massive amounts of information, and focus their attention on the companies and news events that best correspond to their individual investing strategy.

The Market Sensei solution features integrated accountability, with every stock covered by the technology featuring a graph of the prediction accuracy for that stock within the past nine days. Market Sensei and Sensei View are currently available for free as a limited trial version, and features two monthly fee tiers, a Premium version featuring S&P 500 stocks, and a Deluxe version that includes the full computational power of the platform.

Market Sensei is available for iOS and Android devices and at Sensei View’s initial release is on its Android platform,