Schwab’s Hybrid Robo

Note from the Publisher:  We’ve gotten so enamored of digital currencies lately, I’m afraid we’ve forgotten to consistently cover the robo category.  Well here it is back, folks.  And by none other than Schwab, the big daddy of them all.  2017 robo trends will no doubt include more hybrid offerings, such as this one. 

“Schwab is joining the growing number of firms offering a hybrid advisor/robo service for investors. The financial behemoth, which already has a robo-advisor service known as Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, announced on Tuesday plans to launch Schwab Intelligent Advisory, which combines the service of a “live credentialed professional and logarithm-driven technology.”

The announcement aligns with a pledge made by Schwab Advisor Services head Bernie Clark at the firm’s annual meeting with advisors in October: to continue to evolve. “If you’re growing, we’ll be here for you,” Clark told advisors.

The new hybrid robo service is expected to launch in the first half of 2017, joining other hybrid offerings from Vanguard, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley.”

Source:  ThinkAdvisor