Scots’ Blockchain Stock Market

Note from the CEO: Oh Scotex, you wild tease. Hinting at developing a blockchain based regulated equity market, Scotland’s stock exchange is kind of following what NASDAQ is toying with. Distributed ledger and blockchain technology will be the new trading platforms. Should Scotland break away from the UK perhaps they should team up with the “Pirate Party of Iceland” to use bitcoins as well. Teasing is fun, making it happen is even better.

Entire nations are starting to shift their attention toward blockchain technology as of late. Scotland, a region relatively quiet on the Bitcoin and blockchain front, may soon see the launch of a new stock exchange. Scotex, the country’s stock exchange, is looking to raise £15 million to create a blockchain-based, regulated equity market.

Similar to how NASDAQ is experimenting with distributed ledger technology, Scotex aims to do the very same. The company unveiled their plans to launch a new, regulated equity market in 2018. Moreover, they want to build this new platform on top of blockchain technology, assuming they can raise enough money to bring that plan to fruition.

Scotland is a somewhat unique country, even though it is still part of the United Kingdom. For now, that is, as First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had hinted at calling an independence vote in the past. Ever since the United Kingdom separated from the European Union through the Brexit vote, the relationship between Scotland and England has been rather uneasy.”

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