Secret Fintech Funding

Note from the CEO: Oh, we at FintekNews just love secrets and here is an article that points out some secret funding. Not to confuse, fewer deals last year but a few very high profile ones, meaning don’t tell anybody till its funded. So, if you know of any ‘secret’ deals in the works……………give us a call.

Startups this past year were a bit of a let down as many VC’s got costs in line, regrouped and looked twice at some of the valuations being pitched. Still the outlook for B2B Fintech is looking good for next year. This article points out four deals that hit the globe recently.

For startups, 2016 wasn’t the best year in venture capital. Analysts say that investors’ wallets could be opening up as we enter 2017, though.

‘VCs used 2016 to manage costs, set priorities and valuations,’ explained Rahul Khanna, managing partner at Trifecta Capital, in an interview with Business Standard published Wednesday (Dec. 7). ‘It was important for investors to pause, focus on the basics, which sent a message to the founders that raising money is not going to be easy. They need to manage the burn, drift and cut losses.’

While Khanna added that it’s ‘hard to say’ whether venture capital funding is getting easier for startups, there is evidence that FinTech — and, specifically, B2B FinTech — is headed for a solid year.

Source: Pymnts