Senate Wants to Prevent Bad Guys from Being Bad Guys

Note from the Publisher: Internet freedom is a slipperly slope and we don’t profess to have ANY answers.  In this interesting piece, though, we learn that the Senate is tryiing to circulate a bill that would prevent use of software such as Tor, which is nicknamed “the dark web”.  Thing is, some people just use it for privacy, though certainly many use it for illicit activities.  In fact, you can view an interesting article on this topic from the perspective of West Point Academy at THIS LINK, if you’ve got the time and interest.  

“It becomes apparent from the outset government officials do not see eye to eye on matters regarding technology and privacy. Some people feel everyone who uses Tor is an extremist, whereas others just want to catch the bad guys using it. But US Congress has come up with a plan that should work for everyone. Or will it?

The new Senate bill making the rounds is somehow preventing bad people from using anonymity software such as Tor. The bill itself doesn’t make any specific mentions as to how this is to be achieved, making it seem like some parlor trick at best. It may be best not to let the imagination run too wild at this stage, albeit it is doubtful the technology used will respect user privacy.”

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