Senior Citi Banker Joins additiv to Head Up Asia Pacific Business

ZURICH, Jan. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Zurich-based additiv, a leading provider of digitalization solutions to the financial services industry, has hired Adrian Weiss, regional head wealth management advisory APAC & EMEA at Citibank.

Weiss will assume the role of general manager APAC as of Feb. 1, 2018. He will lead a team of sales, channel and product managers to accelerate market penetration in South East and North Asia, with a focus on additiv’s latest “Digital Finance-as-a-Service” offering, including digital cloud-based Wealth Management Solutions as Robo Advisor as a Service.

Based in Singapore, Adrian will be the driving force behind anchoring additiv’s cloud-based digital wealth offering in the market to claim a leading position akin to what the firm has achieved in Europe.

About additiv

additiv provides the financial services industry, from national and international banks to asset managers and insurance firms, with a quick and efficient route into the digital world through a comprehensive range of services. These include transformation, customer-bank-interaction models, digital marketing, sales, advice, service and performance management solutions all implemented within the company’s Digital Finance Suite (DFS). Services: Digital Wealth Management, Robo Advisor, Digital Onboarding, Advisor Dashboards.

Source: PRNewswire