Seven Stars Cloud Announces New Global Business Initiative with Newly Rebranded and Optimized Trading Platform: DBOT ATS, Powered by Next Gen X

NEW YORK, Feb. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Seven Stars Cloud Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: SSC) (“SSC” or “Seven Stars Cloud” or the “Company”), jointly announced today that the Company and the Delaware Board of Trade ATS, LLC (“DBOT”), the first and only blockchain based Alternative Trading System (“ATS”), has optimized its DBOT ATS platform with SSC’s Next Gen X’s global issuance and trading capabilities. The newly branded trading platform, operational and live Wednesday, February 14, will be branded as: DBOT ATS, Powered By Next Gen X.  DBOT ATS LLC is regulated by FINRA.

Seven Stars Cloud’s Next Gen X, will “power” DBOT by bringing global digital funding opportunities, offerings and liquidity to the DBOT platform through secondary trading.  By rebranding the DBOT ATS platform via the addition of “Powered by Next Gen X,” both DBOT and SSC will benefit the combined platform and network is introduced and marketed to a global audience who have interest in both listing and trading on a US platform.  Fundamental Interactions Inc., which develops leading enterprise market center technology platforms, provides its best in class technology stack to the DBOT ATS, Powered by Next Gen X, to offer blockchain-based Regulation A, D and CF offering capabilities.

Additionally, SSC / Next Gen X is in the process of finalizing its own dedicated ATS platform. This platform will offer a “plug and play” solution that will enable SSC’s Global Partners Trading Network (“GPTN”) to expand their issuance and trading volume via a consortium of 20+ targeted exchanges and ATSs (including DBOT).  The GTPN is targeted to be established in the following (but not limited to) markets: US, UK, Dubai, Switzerland, Korea, Luxemburg, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, Australia, Singapore, UAE, Japan and Cambodia.