ShiftPixy Unveils its Cutting-edge Fintech

IRVINE, California, March 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

ShiftPixy, Inc. (NASDAQ: PIXY), amidst all the talk about the fintech boom, is developing a unique financial and insurance transaction and metering platform.

 ShiftPixy’s technology platform leverages a ‘micro-metering’ approach to incremental financial and payment transactions and related insurance coverages based on real-time use and exposures. In his discussion regarding ShiftPixy’s underlying technology in the midst of the fintech frenzy, ShiftPixy’s CEO Scott Absher stated, “We are preparing to operate at the level at which many fintech companies are endeavoring to attain. In connecting a workforce with business, ShiftPixy will be leveraging two critical technology functionalities.

The first is what we call ‘micro metering’ of essential commercial insurance coverages required by our operator clients-namely workers’ compensation and auto coverages on a delivery-by-delivery basis. The second is using ShiftPixy’s blockchain ledger to process and record our critical P2P connections.”

Mr. Absher went on to say, “The ShiftPixy mobile ecosystem’s success requires technical precision in managing sometimes relatively small yet frequent transactions that are growing in volume. Our ‘micro metering’ technology has caught the attention of the insurance community with its real time data visibility and its ability to scale at a rapid rate. Our blockchain technology assures that with rapid growth and scale, our essential security is keeping pace with the growth.”

ShiftPixy’s technology is engineered to allow the Company’s business operator clients to liberate and accelerate their business and thrive despite the gig economy changes affecting their businesses.  ShiftPixy is allowing traditional retail and restaurant operators to connect and compete with ease in the part-time labor markets without technology investments.