Shopping for Fido’s Treats? Facebook is Watching……

Next time you visit Petco and have your mobile device on, you might want to log into Facebook to receive a special offer for puppy’s treats.  In its first quarter, 2016 earnings release, Facebook noted that 82% of its ad revenue is derived from mobile, and it would then make sense that the firm is continually seeking new ways to help retailers understand the value of its own mobile advertising for driving brick-and-mortar sales.  Hence, the addition of two new metrics by the firm. 

The store visits metric has been added to the social network’s ad-reporting tool and tracks shoppers who have enabled their locations services on their phones, focusing on consumers who’ve seen an ad on Facebook within 1, 7 or 28 days before coming to the store.

Additionally, Facebook is also testing an Offline Conversions API, which enables retailers to link transaction information from their customer databases or POS systems to their ad-reporting tool.  Retailers can work with vendors such as  IBM, Index, Lightspeed, LiveRamp, Marketo, Square or directly with Facebook to implement.

Original Source for Story: Internet Retailer