Simplifying New Account Set Ups for RIAs & B/Ds

Note from the Publisher:  Just today we learned about a company that has new technology to help RIAs, wealth managers and broker/dealers eliminate physical paperwork and automate their back office systems.  Wealth management firms and B/Ds are one of many categories that Laserfiche serves with its content management software.  We’re all for LESS paperwork, and simplifying the process of opening new accounts, which this press release discusses. 

“Laserfiche, the recognized market leader in content management solutions for wealth management, announced a business process package that will transform the new account opening process for registered investment advisors (RIAs) and broker-dealer firms. Laserfiche unveiled the package at Schwab IMPACT, Oct. 24-27.

‘Considering the immense regulatory pressure on wealth management firms and increased competition from robo-advisors, more and more advisors are ‘robo-izing’ their practice through Laserfiche’s game-changing automation,’ said Linda Ding, Senior Financial Services Strategist at Laserfiche. ‘Laserfiche‘s prebuilt process template for new account opening provides a fast, intuitive solution for advisors looking to get ahead of their competition and gain control of information and operations.’

The new account opening package includes prebuilt processes that span every stage of the new account opening process, unifying multiple applications including CRM, Laser App, digital signatures and document management to ensure smooth data exchange and transparency. The automated process enables advisors to:

  • Open new accounts faster and eliminate the need for paper documents to be physically routed from place to place
  • Eliminate lost or misfiled information with increased governance and control over access rights
  • Increase accuracy of information by reducing manual data entry
  • Gain insight into the process, workloads and bottlenecks with embedded analytics and performance dashboards”

Read Full Press Release at MarketWired