Six Women Leaders In VC You Need To Network With

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Everyone knows (or has heard) that women are a minority group in the venture capital world (gasp…….really?), right? Well here are six brilliant women who are making their mark in the VC sector and becoming wildly successful in the process. Read on to see some great tips from these market leaders on how entrepreneurs can strategically network and pursue their own careers. Guys, don’t be shy, it will work for you too.
(Bill Taylor/ Fintek Capital)

“In an industry with some rather recognizable names and star power, it’s easy (or lazy) for startups to skip over what else is happening in venture. However digging deeper and spending more time researching is where founders will truly find venture gold. To help you out, here are six U.S. based women in venture to not only watch but to strategically find ways to add to your network…

Kara Nortman, General Partner at Upfront Ventures

…”Ask other entrepreneurs about the VCs who have most impressed them, as introductions from other entrepreneurs are the best and most credible kind for both founder and VC…”

Angela Tran Kingyens, General Partner at Version One Ventures

…”Tran Kingyens’ biggest networking pet peeve is when founder’s don’t do their homework on her before hitting send on an email…”

Vanessa Pestritto, Xpring at Ripple

“…Knowing how her own career has benefited from networks, Pestritto advises founders to share with their existing networks what they are working on and to have specific asks (as well as offers) on hand…”

Constance Freedman, Founder and Managing Partner at Moderne Ventures

“…On networking to find relevant investors, Freedman stresses the importance of networking in and around target industries, for mentors, advocates, customers and quite possibly, investor sponsors…”

Anna Garcia, Co-Founder and General Partner at Runway Venture Partners

“…Garcia’s networking advice for founders echoes that of Nortman and Tran Kingyens: Do significant research on investors you want to connect with prior to asking for an introduction…”

Soraya Darabi, General Partner at Trail Mix Ventures

“…On networking to meet investors, Darabi feels entrepreneurs should connect with other venture-backed businesses first, and learn from those founders what they like or dislike about the investors in their company. .”

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