Smart Money Fintech Investments in 2016

Note from the Publisher:  CB Insights has published an excellent piece on 2016 VC investments in fintech by “smart money” – the big boys of VC including Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Accel Partners, etc.  – and where they are investing now.  Current trends for this year include more money to later stage firms, less to early stage.  Also, investments in insuretech, real estate, market data for institutional investors, banking for the underserved, point of sale retail financing and direct lending platforms are the fintech categories most in favor this year.

“Investment to venture-backed startups across the fintech ecosystem — from lending and personal savings to payments and insurance — rose to over $13B in 2015.

As the number of startups across the financial services space continues to expand, one way to help separate signal from noise is to follow where smart VC money is placing bets on emerging business models and technologies. Some of the hot areas, as we’ll see below, include auto and life insurance, point-of-sale credit, and solutions for institutional investors.”

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