Education Fintech Says Student Loan Debts Stressing Employees

“, the leading education-fintech company specializing in helping borrowers monitor and manage their student loans, today announced the results of a new survey confirming that employers see the need for student loan repayment assistance as part of their employee benefits package.

IonTuition surveyed more than 400 middle managers to evaluate their perspectives on student loan assistance programs as an employee benefit. The results of the survey were clear: employers see value in helping employees manage their student debt and are willing to offer programs that lessen the financial stress. 

Nearly all respondents believe employees with student loans would take advantage of a student loan repayment benefit and that this benefit would improve employees’ morale, productivity and general well-being, while providing the company with a talent recruitment and retention advantage. Respondents also said employees would appreciate the convenience of making their student loan payments via payroll deductions.”

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