Study Reveals How Fintech Leaders Shape their Digital Marketing Strategies

SEMrush study of top banking websites explains the latest trends in web search traffic, mobile friendliness, user behavior and paid search

Jana Garanko, Head of PR at SEMrush

The expanding role of fintech has revolutionized the way people manage their money and financial organizations manage their marketing strategy. With so many people getting accustomed to carrying out financial transactions online, it becomes crucial for the fintech industry to keep a finger on a pulse of different metrics that reflect condition of the website and users’ behavior on it.

In their latest study on Fintech SEMrush, a marketing-data provider, analyzed web metrics of the top banking websites and relative significance of site traffic along with the top technical issues of such websites. The study examined banking websites of seven countries: The United States, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Spain, France and The United Kingdom. The study aimed to provide insights that would be helpful in shaping a competitive digital marketing strategy in the context of an ever evolving digital space.

Focuses of the study revolved around the following:

●       The sources of website traffic

●       Organic traffic

●       Social media traffic

●       Mobile Friendliness

●       User behavior

●       Advertising trends

●       SERP features

●       Top technical issues

Top findings from the study include:

Americans are inquiring more on payday loans and student loans than on mortgages

According to the study’s focus on US-based Google search activity, US consumers are searching Google for credit opportunities in the form of “payday loans” and “student loans” more than they seek out “mortgage[s].” According to this data, people from the US might be prioritizing their education over financing a home.

Fig. 1 – Most searched for credits by purpose, United States

English-speaking countries are driven to short term-credit opportunities

When taking a global look at searches on credit inquiries, users in the United Kingdom and United States are commandingly looking for short term credit (78% of users in the UK; 69% in the US) while the vast majority of users in France (68%), Italy (64%), Spain (77%), Germany (80%) and Brazil (80%) seek long-term credit on Google.

Fig. 2 – Most searched credits by duration, United Kingdom

Fig. 3 – Most searched credits by duration, Germany

Italian banking sites prioritize ‘Mobile Friendliness,’ while Brazilian banks fall short

Using the SEMrush suite, banking websites were audited for ‘mobile friendliness’ where displays are properly formatted and user experience is prioritized. The audit found that nearly 88% of Italian banking sites were deemed “mobile friendly;” in comparison, only 72% of Brazil’s banking sites made the cut.


Fig. 4 – Mobile friendliness, Italy Fig. 5 – Mobile friendliness, Brazil

Overall Analysis

The report’s data on consumer behavior online and via mobile is pivotal in explaining to fintech marketers what is driving their customers to their banking sites. With clear data that explains what brought visitors to their sites and what’s keeping them there, informed decisions can be made to further enhance user experience and ultimately, attract more visitors and prospective customers. The entire report can be found here.

Jana is Head of PR in SEMrush. Together with her team, she has increased the brand awareness of SEMrush brand with curious facts and statistics in media.