Study Up on Blockchain

Note from the Publisher:  Our friends at the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance have added education and certification to their mission, and will roll out with several new classes revolving around various components of blockchain technology in the near future.

New York, New York (July 18, 2016) – Since its initial launch in June, the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance Certification Framework (WCF) has added additional content and enhancements, in response to positive program feedback and continued content development, conducted in conjunction with strategic partners and subject matter experts.

Notes Andrew Kasaija, Managing Partner of Positrust, WSBA’s strategic partner managing WCF, notes: “One consistent recurring theme is the fact that this technology continues to evolve at an exceptionally rapid rate, which validates the Proof-of-Concept approach of continual course content review. The launch has been very well received, with recent sessions allowing for program improvements, including the integration of the Core Foundation and Plan IT classes, resulting in immediate actionable skills for WCF students.

This change goes into effect in August and is expected to serve as a model for program class development in subsequent Build-Engineering, Build-Architecture, Deploy and Operate class content.”

The WCF has been designed to develop the core body-of-knowledge required to effectively plan, build and deliver on the potential of the Distributed Ledger Technology in the financial services sector.

You can learn more about this program and the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance at