Super Zippy Blockchain

Note from the CEO: Zippy and faster then Superman on coke. Symbiont (NY startup) demonstrated a blockchain solution that is 10 times faster than the speed of the bitcoin blockchain (87K per second).WOW! No turtles in this race.

“As financial institutions look to move beyond proofs-of-concept, the speed at which available blockchain solutions can process transactions is expected to play a deciding factor in adoption.

In preparation for that shift, New York startup Symbiont today publicly launched its Assembly blockchain. Previously only hinted at in a demos, the blockchain solution is already being implemented by Symbiont partners including the state of Delaware and Credit Suisse.

Coming in at 87,000 transactions per second during a live test on four nodes, the Assembly blockchain (or dedicated distributed ledger, as Symbiont describes it) appears to be capable of transacting at more than 10k times the speed of the bitcoin blockchain, even if it isn’t quite up to speed with Nasdaq’s reported capacity.

Symbiont co-founder and CTO Adam Krellenstein, however, said the system has reached transaction speeds that even surpass those claimed by VisaNet in a recent report.”

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