Superman Is Backing Bitcoin. Yes, Really!

Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, one of the world’s richest men and better known as Superman among the ultra wealthy, is backing bitcoin. Yes really backing bitcoin as in Bakkt, the bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platform formed by the NYSE and several high profile partners (Starbucks, Microsoft, etc). Superman’s venture capital firm (Horizon Ventures) fronted a recently announced $182.5 million capital raise for Bakkt thus throwing his “super power” behind bitcoin. Oh, I should mention Mr Li Ka-shing is 90 years old and still has the vision (x-ray?) to see the future. Read more…
Bill Taylor/Fintek Capital

“Bitcoin has its fair share of backers and detractors, but it’s not every day one of the world’s richest people, in this case, Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, throws their weight behind the nascent technology.

Li, who’s 90 years old and known as Superman, has invested in the upcoming bitcoin and cryptocurrency platform Bakkt through his venture capital firm Horizon Ventures.

Bakkt announced it had raised $182.5 million in its series A funding round last week in a blog post, with Horizon Ventures fronting a portion of that.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors who have weathered the so-called crypto winter have been somewhat cheered by a positive start to 2019, with many eagerly looking forward to major global stock exchanges offering bitcoin futures contracts and the highly-anticipated Bakkt bitcoin platform.

The Bakkt bitcoin platform, which is being developed with New York Stock Exchange owner Intercontinental Exchange as well as partnerships with coffee shop chain Starbucks and PC giant Microsoft, plans to offer bitcoin futures trading from the first quarter of this year and open bitcoin and cryptocurrencies up to a wider retail market…”

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