Swiss EY To Accept Bitcoin

Note from the CEO: We know, this is an article about Switzerland and not strictly US fintech BUT FintekNews covers news that is important………..anywhere. So, Ernst & Young’s Swiss branch is going to accept bitcoin for payments. Don’t look now, but accepting bitcoin is spreading globally.

The Swiss branch of Ernst & Young is going to begin accepting bitcoin for professional services this January. Not just any branch, this is the Swiss branch which is kind of big in the global picture. In addition, the company is placing a bitcoin ATM in its Zurich office and offering a dedicated wallet for their employees. Switzerland is very progressive in accepting bitcoin and this is just one more example.

“The Swiss branch of global professional services firm Ernst & Young is set to begin accepting bitcoin payments next year.

Starting in January, EY Switzerland will accept bitcoin for invoice payments, the firm said last week. The company will also launch a new bitcoin ATM at its office in Zurich, as well as a dedicated wallet option for EY employees.

The launch is, perhaps, an extension of the ongoing cultural experiment involving the digital currency in Switzerland.

Late last month, Swiss railway service SBB made international headlines after it announced that it would sell bitcoin through its nationwide network of ticket kiosks. SBB is planning to test the purchase option over a two-year period. The city of Zug began accepting bitcoin payments for public services in May, and in the country’s capital, legislators have begun looking at the question of regulation.

Source: Coindesk