How a Texas Catholic Diocese Won a Major Fintech Award

Catholic Diocese
My eyes have been opened and I’ve seen the light.  We access fintech at so many levels here at FintekNews, but when I saw the following story, we had to stop and pause and then publish it.  Growing up in rural Illinois, church finances were comprised of passing the brass plates at services on Sunday (talk about peer pressure!) and a visit to the farm from your pastor asking for funds (along with some coffee and cake, always in the freezer, for unexpected visitors who dropped in).  Things have changed quite a bit.

Now churches and diocese have slick websites and fundraising fintech tools to rival the best in the business.  If you think about it, really there are few entities on Earth better at fundraising than churches, so it stands to reason that they should be utilizing fintech, but we still dont’ really think in those terms when it comes to spirituality.  Anyway, a Texas Catholic dioceses has won a major fintech award, presented at the Abila User & Development Conference.  According to Abila’s website, “Some 8,000 organizations across North America rely on our true fund accounting™, association management, and fundraising software and services to fulfill their missions.”  The firm offers a whole host of services including training, webhosting, seminars, events, whitepapers and a blog.  Faith-based organizations are just one of the many NFP and governmental categories they serve. 
(Cindy Taylor/Publisher)

San Angelo, Tx – Abila, the leading provider of software and services to associations, nonprofits, and government entities, honored nine organizations, including the Catholic Diocese of San Angelo, with its annual Abila Excellence Award at its Abila User and Developer Conference (AUDC) in Nashville, Tennessee, April 11-13, 2017. Award winners included organizations focused on a wide range of industries from childcare to professional engineering to accounting.

The diocese was recognized “for using technology to increase financial transparency, save staff time, reduce paper use, and shift the finance department’s thinking toward true fund accounting…”

Source: ConchoValleyHomepage