Thanksgiving Jokes for FintekNews Friends

Note from the Publisher:  Yup, this story has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with fintech, but everything to do with the WONDERFUL American holiday – Thanksgiving – now upon us.  And given the acrimonious presidential election we just went through, and all the concern over what will be discussed amongst family members at the dinner table this Thanksgiving, we thought a few jokes were in order.  Thankfully, so did the International Business Times, so we’ll pull a few from their story and you can go from there. 

Happy Turkey Day!

“What’s the most musical part of a turkey?
The drumstick.

Why was the chef late to Thanksgiving?
He lost track of thyme.
What do you get when you drop a pumpkin?

Why is Thanksgiving so expensive?
It involves 24 carrots.

What should you wear to Thanksgiving dinner?
A har-vest.

Why did the police arrest the turkey?
They suspected fowl play.

What’s a little turkey called?
A goblet.

What are unhappy cranberries called?

Source: International Business Times