The “Big Tariff Board”: Database Of 8,000+ Products Harmed By Additional Duties

NEW YORK, NY – GeoQuant, an AI-driven political risk advisory firm, has launched the “Big Tariff Board, 2018” – a searchable, open-source database of all products subject to additional duties in ongoing trade disputes between the U.S. and its trading partners.

The Board covers 8000+ products, including those still undergoing public review (e.g. the Trump administration’s $200 billion tariff package targeting China). Interested users can consult the Board online or download it in its entirety. A comprehensive overview, including full primary source reference information, is available here.

“With respect to global trade relations and the strength of the multilateral trading system, the 2018 trade disputes represent the most egregious case of economic backsliding in recent history,” said Mark Rosenberg, GeoQuant CEO.

Against this backdrop, “we view the Big Tariff Board as a meticulously documented, public-facing resource that can facilitate more rigorous analyses of these disputes, including their scope and attendant economic and political risks,” says Jason McMann PhD, GeoQuant’s Data/Analysis Lead and resident trade expert who spearheaded the Board’s creation.  Website: