The Dark Web & The NSA

Note from the Publisher:  If you don’t know about the Tor Project, otherwise dubbed as “the Dark Web”, this piece will help you understand why the NSA does NOT like this software and network, which is said to be favored by terrorists, money launderers, drug traffickers and the like.  However, it’s also preferred by those who just plain don’t like to be tracked online as well.  You can learn more about this topic at

“If it were up to the NSA, no one in the world would have a right to privacy. To be more precise, the government agency is keeping close tabs on the Tor Project, as they feel it is a tool only used by terrorists and extremists. In this day and age of data breaches and government spying, projects such as Tor keep user information safe from prying eyes.

A new investigation by the NSA is raising a lot of questions, as they continue their surveillance of two particular Torservers located in Germany. To make matters even worse, the agency has developed a tool to track IP addresses of people conducting a search for privacy-enhancing software. It is clear they want no one to feel safe through these additional measures.”

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