The “Do Not Panic But The FBI Is At Your Door” App

Note from the CEO:  Now here is a real everyday use for fintech. So cool AND practical. After a hard day of trading on inside information making $$$$$ you go out the comfy office and get stopped by a FBI dude (or dudette). Panic? NO, you have the new app that tells you how to act and what to say (or not say). Maybe this app could be applied to certain political candidates too?

An agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation approaches a hedge fund trader as he leaves the office, wanting to ask a few questions. Nervous about saying no to an official, the trader dishes, and information he provides is later used against him.

Steven Feldman, a white collar attorney in New York, has seen too many clients caught off-guard in such situations. His solution? The Murphy & McGonigle Surprise Law Enforcement Response App………The app features a “Surprise Interview” button, as well as guides for handling a search warrant – think a raid by the FBI -or grand jury subpoena……..There is also a proverbial panic button: cell phone numbers for Feldman and three of his colleagues at Murphy & McGonigle, white-collar defense attorneys happy to take on new clients………

The app may have landed at a good time.

After a three-year lull, insider-trading prosecutions appear to be ramping back up. And the U.S. Supreme Court is reviewing a case that may make it easier for authorities to pursue such charges in the future. Meanwhile, the Securities and Exchange Commission continues to examine private fund managers, especially regarding the fees they charge and the valuation of their holdings.”

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