The Problem with Communicating Fintech

My husband often likes to tease me that just because I went to a fancy school (Northwestern, back in the day when the annual tuition was $8,000 rather than $50,000 per year), that it doesn’t qualify me as an intellectual, and sadly, he is quite correct on that front.  However, I do think I know a fair bit about fintech (at least more than the normal bloke on the street), but I have come to realize that it is QUITE difficult to explain in plain English what the heck each of these companies offers.  First, what exactly do they do?  Second, what is different about what they do than 50 other fintechs we’ve written about (in the payments and robo sectors, in particular)?

So I read about an interesting company this morning, and at first blush, I was left thinking “what do these guys do”?  Now, I don’t mean to pick on these good folks as I truly honor all entrepreneurs and their brave journey to launch, but here’s the first paragraph……….is it just me?

“Monegraph is at the nexus of premium content and brand marketing solutions, maximizing impact for brand sponsors and increasing the revenue potential for high quality media by introducing the multiplier-effect into syndication.”

However, if you have a long enough attention span to get past that (mind-numbing) first sentence, what they do is actually kind of cool.  They utilize blockchain technology to monetize “online broadcasts, video clips, image reels, and other licensed or brand sponsored content.” 

Now I get this……………”Using Monegraph’s patent-pending blockchain technology for media, secured media rights transactions with hundreds of specialized online publishers (websites, blogs, or subscription services) can be facilitated, empowering participants across the media landscape.”

But what does this mean?………..”Monegraph’s system enables the direct compensation for digital media, meaning the media creators, publishers, distributors, and associated talent all benefit from the quality, value and engagement of the work.”

See what I mean?  The marketing message has to be SO simple, of it will go over the heads of even  the best prospective customers. 

Anyway, check out their site, and if your firm does produce “online broadcasts, video clips, (or) image reels”, you should get in touch and work with them to monetize those assets.  Or in plain English that even a Northwestern graduate can understand, go make some money with them.   

Monegraph Website