TipRanks Harnesses the Wisdom of the Crowd With the New Investor Sentiment Feature

NEW YORK, Dec. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — TipRanks, a leading provider of big financial data tools, today announced the release of a powerful new feature that allows investors to optimize their portfolios by harnessing the wisdom of the crowd.

TipRanks currently analyzes over 200,000 portfolios with its award-winning Smart Portfolio platform, and now allows its users to see what average portfolios of similar and better-performing investors look like. The data extracted from portfolios is completely anonymized.

The new ‘Individual Investor Sentiment’ feature can be found on the TipRanks.com website covering over 5,000 different stocks.

Investors can now get real-time answers to questions such as “how do similar investors allocate their portfolios” and what better-performing investors think about stocks and ETFs. The new feature will also enable investors to see which other stocks similar investors are buying.

For example, many of the top investors who bought Micron Technology also bought these popular stocks: Amazon, Alibaba and Apple.

By profiling investors by age as well as performance, TipRanks drives fascinating insights into how age and investing interact. Is older wiser? Investors can now track not only which generation has the best investing performance, but also the most popular stock picks of millennials or baby boomers.

Uri Gruenbaum, the CEO of TipRanks, said, “The new Investor Sentiment tool is a perfect example of how TipRanks democratizes the capital market. If most of our focus went on tracking and measuring financial experts, such as analysts, now we can show our users not only what experts are recommending but what other investors are actually buying.”