Top Reasons to Hire Girls for Fintechs

Note from the CEO:  OK, first if you are a guy reading this headline………..STOP IT. Now, really it is a great idea to seek out qualified “girls” to hire for fintech companies. Here at FintekNews I work for one…..the publisher. She knows fintech, finance and lots more and makes life great. So diversify, its all the rage.

Note from the Publisher:  I’ll just let this one go.

“10. Tinder is scary.

9. They look sexy in super heroine costumes during at least biannual Halloween/Bacchanalius/Guy Fawkes office party “tradition”…and/or traditional regional garb – including Deutsch/Anglo-British/Arabic varieties. Yes, I mean lederhosen and the Dirndl (the girl version for all you “auslanders,” – at least in my old part of the world). That has Silicon Valley beat by a freakin’ mile. Oh, and sad as it makes me to say, London right now. Oops, what was that about Brexit and banks if not their bitcoins leaving for say FRANKFURT? Who knew?

8. They are great project managers. I can personally think of AT least one woman in my EMBA class I am just finishing at Frankfurt School, who someone should offer big bucks to fast. The boys are all afraid of her. Start there. Great for project management on TIME!

7. They might bring in not only food, but healthy stuff, once in a while. Who knows, they might even bring in “organic” – even in take out. Trust me. It’s worth it. That knowledge is especially handy say, for company networking events where you might attract even MORE members of the other species. Oops, I mean chromosomal makeup……”

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