Transferwise Gets Chatty With Facebook

We’ve featured Transferwise many times on FintekNews.  It’s not a common name in the US, but they’re a major player in payments in Europe, and now they’re jumping into the chatbot business as well.  Much as I personally dislike chatbots and find them clunky, slow and annoying, they’re here to stay and will undoubtedly get better over time.  And if you’re going to do it, Facebook is a great firm to partner with.
(Cindy Taylor/Publisher)

“TransferWise has brought a new service to market that will allow its customers to use Facebook to send money around the world via its chat application.

The London-based payments company announced that it has developed a chatbot that can help users both communicate with businesses and complete transactions with them.

TransferWise’s chatbot is able to send money to and from United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and Europe from Facebook Messenger. It can also be used to set up exchange rate alerts.

Domestic money transfers are already possible on Facebook via Messenger — but TransferWise claims that its service will be the first to enable money transfers globally.”

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