Trump Effect on Bitcoin

Yeah, the price of bitcoin rose on US election results BUT it has been rising for quite some time (please see previous FintekNews articles) and, in our opinion, will continue. So, yes Mr. Trump kind of kicked it a bit higher and we look forward to following the flying digital coin in some new exciting ways. Stay tuned.

Here are some quotes from an article published by Coinidol from Bitcoin thought leaders on the topic: 

Christian Saucier, CTO of Ubitquity:

“I don’t expect the election to have any meaningful impact on the price of BTC. However, the campaign itself as well as the very polarized political climate within the Unites States makes me BTC bullish over the next 6-12 months.  The political and economic outlook for 2017 is clouded in uncertainty.  I believe more wealth will flow into BTC as a store of value in the coming months.”

Daniel Dabek, Chief Architect  at Safe Exchange:

“It is possible that the new president will be in a position to apply new regulations to cryptocurrencies in the United States. So far there seems to be a consensus that Blockchain is a good thing for finance and that Bitcoin can not be stopped.
The new president in the States will definitely be addressing matters related to cryptos and the landscape in the US will be shaped by it. I think that this will not disrupt global innovation in Blockchain technology and that the price of Bitcoin will remain relatively stable and the currency will continue to be useful for trading around the globe.”



By Bill Taylor/CEO-FinteKnews

Source:  CoinIdol