Trump’s FDA Crypto Czar

Don’t read this if you are still steamed up that President Trump is sitting in the Oval Office, BUT if you are applauding innovation, then read on. Bitcoin applications and acceptance seem to be creeping into the new administration. FintekNews thinks it’s really cool.

The new administration is placing some very tech savvy leaders in some high places, including it seems, the Food and Drug administration. Balaji Srinivasan who founded Bitcoin startup may become the leader of the FDA which supervises drugs and food. New innovative minds to bring government agencies into the new world. This is kind of eye opening and exciting at the same time. (Bill Taylor/CEO)

Maybe Balaji Srinivasan, founder of Bitcoin startup, will become the leader of the US agency for the supervision of food and drugs. In general, you will find surprisingly many Bitcoin fans in the team of the US President Donald Trump….

On January 13, the US President Donald Trump announced that the founder and CEO of the Bitcoin company maybe would become the leader of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The agency is responsible for the control and supervision of any product related to public health, mainly food and medicine….

For the task as leader of the FDA, Srinivasan is qualified by former enterprises and a genuine political attitude. Before he founded and led the biotech company Counsyl and developed a test, with which it can be examined during pregnancy if the unborn child will suffer from Downs Syndrome or other severe genetically caused disease. Furthermore, Srinivasan is known for his libertarian attitude he preferably expresses through a medium the president seems to like: Twitter.”

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