Tumultuous Week Fuels 30% Gain in Bitcoin and Ether Prices

Note from the Publisher:  If you can stomach the volatility, bitcoin and ether are both crypto-currency plays you should look into right now.  Ether is the digital currency launched by Ethereum. 

“Bitcoin and ether both surged this week, the former hitting a 28-month high and the latter surpassing $20 for the first time. The combined rally of these two digital currencies from 10th June to 17th June helped shed further light on their relationship, a matter that has frequently drawn the attention of market analysts.

To date, the price of bitcoin and ether have correlated positively at some points and negatively at others. Since the two both surged in value in the week ending at 12:00 UTC on 17th June, their correlation was positive during the period, though on closer inspection this relationship is more inconclusive.

This situation contrasts significantly with the times when bitcoin and ether moved in different directions, which prompted some analysts to portray them as competitors. Sometimes, this negative correlation coincided with market observers highlighting bitcoin’s challenges and ether’s perceived flexibility.

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