Crime DOES Pay….In Bitcoin

Note from the CEO:  Hello criminals and hackers. Banks (and corporations) are stockpiling bitcoins to get ready to pay you for your illicit activities. Why try to combat ransomeware when you can just be prepared to pay the bad guys. Seems crime does pay……… bitcoins.

“Even though dealing with Bitcoin ransomware can be done without paying the fee, the majority of corporations are stockpiling Bitcoin ‘just in case’. But it looks like they are not the only ones doing so, as various banks are thinking along the same lines. This “roll over” attitude by the banks will not do them any favors, though, as they are openly inviting internet criminals with this approach.  Banks have been struggling with innovation and newer technologies for quite some time now. Not just in their own financial departments, but also regarding security. The recent Bangladesh bank heist is just one example of how technology is being used in the financial sector without worrying about security all that much.”

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