UK & Plan (B)itcoin

Note from the CEO:  Another Central Bank (BOE) diving down the rabbit hole of cutting rates, stimulus and currency weakness. Boy has it worked so well around the world so far (snicker). All this is actually ‘forcing” the success of bitcoin and digital currencies.

“Things are only getting worse for the United Kingdom, by the look of things. As many people expect, the Bank of England decided to cut interest rates in half, with a possibility or lowering them further if needed. Additionally, the Pound Sterling took another beating, and the economy in the UK is quickly deteriorating. If there were ever a time for plan Bitcoin in the UK, this would be it……

Up until yesterday, the Bank of England had predicted a growth of 2.3% for the year 2017. However, they had to lower those expectations to 0.8% already, and the year 2017 has not even begun. Moreover, the interest rate cut was approved unanimously, whereas 2-in-3 members approved the quantitative easing countermeasures. So far, there is zero evidence of quantitative easing ever solving financial problems, as it only delays the inevitable.”

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