UK’s Encryption Ban

Note from the CEO: Guess the UK is getting tired of being left out of all the cool gossip floating around the “secret” communications networks. No more encryption. How can we spy (and get invited to secret cool parties) if everything is encrypted?

In what is sure to followed by other countries the UK has legislated a ban on end to end encryption thus allowing government access to any technology the government deems necessary. Obviously this is going to cause a lot of privacy issues but in today’s troubled world we should have expected it.

“The United Kingdom has legislated an effective ban on end-to-end encryption, giving the government a mandate to access backdoors in any technology they deem necessary.

Passed under Section 217 of the Investigatory Powers Bill, the provision provides the Secretary of State with the power to issue a “technical capability notice” to telecommunications operators, establishing a series of obligations….

This means that, when requested by a telecommunications company, encryptions must be removed to provide government agents with access to any communication desired.

This indicates an obligation to maintain the ability to allow backdoor access for law enforcement into encrypted devices and services, effectively ending the legal use of end-to-end encryption.

This effective encryption backdoor mandate comes packaged as part of the Investigatory Powers Bill, which also allows for unprecedented surveillance on citizens of the United Kingdom. All customer internet activity must be logged by tech companies, such as Internet services providers, for one year and is to be provided to law enforcement agencies upon request, with no judicial oversight”

Source: CoinTelegraph