US Fintechs Beware – Paris & Abu Dhabi Teaming Up

Note from the Publisher:  Earlier this week, we reported that Britain and South Korea have recently formed a consortium to collaborate on fintech directives.  Now comes news of another international collaboration between Abu Dhabi Global Market and Paris EUROPLACE “that could foster innovation in financial technology strategies”.  Whether ultimately successful or not, the takeaway for us is that international partnerships are beginning to form to develop strategic financial technology collaborations outside the US.  American fintechs, take note.

“A joint partnership in international finance is coming from a slightly unusual place: the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and Paris EUROPLACE, which are poised to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on developing collaboration on joint financial activities and promoting symbiotic growth in the two national economies.

ADGM is an international finance center that works to support the capital city’s status as the major financial hub in the region. Paris EUROPLACE is a nonprofit organization that promotes economic development for the French economy. Both parties seem to have similar aims for their respective areas of representation, and now, officials are saying they might team up to figure out new ways to move forward in areas like green finance and Fintech, the new word for emerging aspects of the financial technology industry.”

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