US Political Campaign Fintechs

Note from the Publisher:  Referencing that nap I mentioned in the story about the Swiss Fintech capitalizing on US election polling with an algorithm, here is  Part 2 of the post-nap inspiration to write about politics and fintech.  While I could NOT locate info anywhere on the web that told me who Clinton or Trump are using to handle their actual campaign finances (it may be out there, I just couldn’t find it), I did find some interesting info about how the campaigns are handled with specific political campaign software that integrates accounting and fundraising (fintech!) amongst other features, so I thought I’d share that with our readers instead.  When you see it, you’ll realize that you’re really just a datapoint in all this political uproar, but I thought it was quite interesting.  We’re showcasing two sites here: &, though there are several others out there.  The image that accompanies this story – with its ironic tagline – is from the homepage.   

“ provides outstanding web-based services to help campaigns effectively track supporters, voters, fundraising, and volunteers.

Unlike software solutions housed on a computer or network, is available to its clients from any computer with internet access. This allows real-time sharing of information between campaign headquarters, off-site consultants, volunteers working from the field or from home, and satellite offices, eliminating the need for multiple databases, which can create confusion and duplicate efforts….. offers four main products: BackOffice, the flagship product, for fundraising, accounting and contact management; VoterManager for voter contact tracking; SiteBuilder for fast and simple campaign website creation and management; and FundRaiser for online donation processing. Recently, expanded its offerings to include CompleteGov, a constituent management program designed for elected officials’ district offices, and CampaignGuide, a free web resource on campaign management.”



“Aristotle is the leading pioneer in political technology, servicing many of the largest grassroots organizations, PACs and political campaigns in the U.S. and abroad……..

Rated highest in customer service year after year, Aristotle is a total solution provider, bringing cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to meet your needs with software, political data, consulting, and outsourcing……….

How much  more could you raise?  Professional fundraisers know this: always ask for the max. Your prospect has a number in their head. It’s the maximum they are willing to give. What is it? That’s where Aristotle’s deep data mining and powerful algorithms come in…………

Aristotle’s Campaign Manager™ provides the ability to take contribution data and deploy it on a powerful campaign management platform. The campaign reached its full potential by combining the campaign’s accounting, fundraising, and compliance efforts into one seamless platform.”