VC Deal of the Day-Starburst Labs Raises $6.25M

Note from the Publisher:  We’re not sure if these guys are a potential competitor to us, or strategic partner, or possibly a customer, or none of the above!  Still, they’ve put together a rather impressive multi-product offering for the wealth management sector, and won a $6.25M Series A round led by Bel45 Capital Partners, so our congratulations to them!  According to their website: “Starburst Labs, Inc., creates, designs, develops, and operates a vertically aligned stack of separate-yet-complementary digital products that connect investing consumers, financial advisors, broker-dealers, and financial media publishers. Our B2C & B2B fintech apps reflect the growing consumerization of the financial enterprise and the increasing simplicity of the investing experience.”  Let’s see how their product suite unfolds over the coming months.   

Starburst Labs, a maker of web-and-mobile apps for an ecosystem of individual investors, financial advisors, broker-dealers, and financial media brands, has announced it has closed a Series A round of funding totaling $6,250,000. The investment was led by Bel45 Capital Partners which invested $5,000,000 as part of the Series A round with the remaining capital coming from investors in Starburst Labs from previous seed rounds. The new financing brings Starburst Labs’ total capital raised to $10,250,000.

The proceeds of the $6.25M Series A financing will allow Starburst Labs, with locations in New York City and Providence, to accelerate the growth of Wealthbox CRM and hire more staff to further develop its suite of complementary online products in the wealth-tech sector that include InvestorSay,, and Wealthbase.”

Source: PRNewswire