VC Says No to New Alt Coins

No, you can’t make me. I just won’t invest in those initial coin offerings (aka. ICO’s). A blockchain investor has drawn a line in the sand (a red one) says crypotofinancing ain’t coming from him or the VC sector. Just stomp you foot and say NO. And we all have read……No means No!

Blockchain investor Travis Scher of the Digital Currency Group states that investing in ICO’s is just not attractive. Nor will they be for a while. With one quarter of all investment in the $1Billion blockchain sector conducted in this nascent sector it is a significant statement.

His case of making investments in new tokens very unappealing for the short term include:  regulatory uncertainty; high valuations & over capitalizations; lack of controls; and a lack of business use cases. Travis goes on to make his case on all these ‘pitfalls” which makes a great insightful read.


By Bill Taylor/CEO-FinteKnews

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