Visa Gets Movie Glam

Note from the Publisher:  Fintech can be so cool, but it can also be intimidating and impersonal.  Visa has just taken a fun step to overcome that with an interesting sponsorship at the Toronto International Film Festival.  As lead sponsor, they’ve set up an exhibit that no doubt cost them a pretty penny to enable users to virtually try on costumers from movies from many different eras, and also use hand gestures to make purchases, make contributions and even check out with selfies!  So innovative!  Look for major players like this to make fintech – in this case payments – more fun, which will drive more user interaction. 

“Visa is hoping to bring a little Hollywood glamour to the world of payments, using the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) as a showcase for its latest technology.

With the likes of Chris Pratt, Anne Hathaway and Denzel Washington in town for the festival, sponsor Visa is offering mere mortals the chance to feel like movie stores thanks to a virtual wardrobe studio.

By stepping into the augmented reality space, visitors will be transported into a film’s wardrobe department, where they’ll have the opportunity to virtually try on costumes from a variety of movies and genres, from Versailles to the Coliseum. Attendees can navigate their way through the experience using hand gestures to select purchases and checkout with a selfie.”

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