Voice Biometrics at Barclays

Note from the Publisher:  We recently read a disturbing tale about how fingerprint identities have been stolen by hackers and used to gain access to previously secured bank accounts, iphones, etc.  So we were interested to learn that Barclays has decided to employ voice biometrics for its customers to add a layer of security.  Lord help us if a nefarious hacker somewhere in the dark web figures out how to steal and replicate voice identities in the future.  Nevertheless, it’s a very interesting step for this massive bank.

“Barclays is ditching passwords in favour of voice biometrics technology at its call centres, meaning that customers will be authenticated when they start talking.

Customers who call Barclays have previously needed to share their passcodes or 16-digit debit card numbers in order to verify themselves.

With the new system, customers will have their voice recorded and held on file by the bank. Then, when the call to access their account, they engage in a few seconds of conversation with a staffer.”

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